P is very close in age to D, hails from the same parents and has had the same upbringing but he’s a very different kid from his brother.  He’s much harder to take pics of because he’s usually very aware of the camera and that awareness often affects how he looks in the photos.


P is very compliant but it’s tough to get him to strike a pose.  He usually just stands there.


When I asked him to do something interesting in front of these red doors in Quebec City he drew a blank and simply said, “Like what?”  He’s certainly a chip off the old block, me being the block.

P is naturally a follower.  That works out well for us because his brother simply charges ahead and assumes control very naturally.


It’s best to try and snap P when he’s absorbed in what he’s doing.


Like his mother, P has a sweet tooth.


Unlike his mother, P is athletic.  Just look at this boy jump.


P is almost always cooperative and is generally very pleasant to have around.  At times, I was able to capture a little of that in my pics.


He’s generally not the first to try things but if his brother or others are doing it, he’ll follow suit.


There were a couple of times on our trip where D didn’t feel like doing stuff, so it was just P and me.  P is just so agreeable that I really enjoyed those moments.


That last pic, the one with the little rainbow, is one of my favourites from our trip.  D hurries through things.  P lingers a little longer and sometimes the relaxed pace makes for better photos.

Both my boys are good chess players but I think P got the best of his brother in this giant version of the game.


P really liked this shot of him in the Haunted Mansion.


He looks headless!

This is my favourite shot of my baby and also another one of my favourite shots from the road trip.


I know lovable doesn’t begin with the letter P but P really is for lovable.  That describes this boy quite well.