I brought home over 700 pictures from my travels that I just couldn’t wait to look at and tinker with.  Some of them I really like and some of them don’t have much artistic value but I’ll hold on to them anyway because they bring back memories that I hope to keep.  I would like to put some of my photos on this blog but how?  I could go chronologically, city by city, place by place but I think that would be quite the rehash pictorially of what I’ve already done in written form.  So I decided to try to group some of the better shots by category.  Today’s grouping is lighthouses.  Enjoy!


This tiny lighthouse is in Cap-Egmont, P.E.I. behind the bottle houses.  Alot of people build lighthouses in their yards for decorative purposes in the maritimes.  The flag on top shows that these particular people hail from the Acadians.  It was surprising to me how much French I heard outside Quebec on this trip.


I honestly can’t remember where this lighthouse is but I took a few pics of it.


I like how rustic lighthouses can be so I always get up close, really close, to them to admire their shabby finishes.


I also like to walk all around lighthouses and photograph them from all different angles.  That really irritated the boys.


That red beach was where I lost my keys.  Obviously this lighthouse is in P.E.I. somewhere but that particular stop was made impromptu so I never did find out its name or anything.


This blotchy beauty was on the northernmost point of P.E.I. (I think!)


I sat down in the long grass to get this picture.  It was worth it.  It’s one of my favourites in this category.


This is the Wood Islands interpretive lighthouse.  It’s still operational though it had to be moved because the coastline where it was sitting was eroding and the lighhouse was in jeopardy of falling into the water.  You can go up in this one and look out.  It’s kind of like a museum inside.


Same lighthouse, different angle.  D and P put their faces in those fisherman and lobster cutouts which I think just adds to the picture.


Yet another angle.  I love how lighting can make the same lighthouse look so different.


I also loved this cute little seating area at the entrance to the lighthouse.


This little beauty sat at one end of a very long dock at Wood Islands.  You can see a big ferry that takes you from P.E.I. to hmmm…somewhere else…on the right.  You can also see some of those blotches that I hate so much in this shot.


Perspective is fun.  There was another little lighthouse on the end of that long dock.  Can you see it?


There were some shanties at Wood Islands that you could play around in.  This is P at the top of a very tall steep ladder inside this shanty made to look like a lighthouse.


Last, but not least, is a lighthouse I grew up with.  This one’s at Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton, Ont.  I still love to visit it.


And I still love to get up close to it and see its shabbiness.  Lighthouses really do the shabby chic look well.

That’s it!  If you’re into lighthouses, you can do lighthouse tours in some of the maritime provinces.  I wouldn’t have minded that but D and P got pretty sick of me spotting these lovelies and wanting to stop, circle, sit in grass, go up close, go far away, have them go in front of them, etc., etc. for photo ops.  Not everyone adores lighthouses I guess.