D is one of my favourite subjects to shoot.  He just has a way of looking dashing without even trying.  Either that or downright silly.  There’s no real in between for him.


D doesn’t get nervous when I point a camera at him.  He just continues doing what he was doing and looks oh so natural.  I love it!


I asked my boys to climb on this cannon just outside of Chateau Laurier in Quebec City.  There were a lot of people around but that didn’t stop D from clamboring up.


There are a lot of cannons in old Quebec and I had my camera ready every time the boys wanted to sit down on one.  I really, really like this pic of D.


Quebec City also has gorgeous doors.  I kept wanting the boys to strike a pose in front of them.  There’s no one quite like D to strike a pose.


D also knows how to laugh and make others laugh along with him.  No shyness about this lad!


D’s also pretty fearless.  He climbs to the top of things without a moment’s hesitation.


He also goes closer to the edge than the rest of us.


He’s so slim he looks great in silhouettes.


He’s got a thing for having his picture taken with characters.  Here’s a small sampling of some of  the characters we encountered on our trip.


He wasn’t all that sure about the mermaid one but being a good sport he got reasonably close to her when I asked him too.

Yes. D’s good when I ask him to pose for a picture.  He complies but sometimes his face gives it away that he isn’t really into the photo shoot.


If there is one word to describe D it’s the word “leader”.  I don’t think I have one picture where he isn’t forging ahead of us all.


He definitely took charge of the camp fire each night often to the unhappiness of his younger brother who just wanted a chance at being “lord of the flame” for a change.


He also tended to proclaim himself first in line to use the lap top the boys jointly own.  This was also to the unhappiness of his younger brother at times.  This is another one of my favourite pictures from our trip.  It really sums up what it was like – rustic and technological.


D isn’t just dashing, he’s also daring.


He casually picked up this lobster at the Charlottetown wharf after some older boys did.

D just looks great no matter how you shoot him.  Wish I could say he gets his “spaghettini legs” from me.  Mine are more of the fettucine variety I’d say.