1.  I have a good husband.

I didn’t really learn that; I already knew it but he more than proved it to me while I was away.  He wasn’t able to come with us but he faithfully texted every night and read the blog to keep up with where we were at.  When I arrived home, what greeted me was a homemade “welcome home” banner, some freshly picked wildflowers and a spotless house.  There were no dirtly dishes on the counter, the lawn had been mowed, the laundry I had left behind had been done, even the garage had been cleaned.  If that doesn’t say, “I love you” I don’t know what does!

2.  I want a new camera.

My Sony Cybershot tried really hard on this trip but just didn’t perform as well as Iwould have liked.  I’m going to start saving my nickels and dimes for something faster and with more zoom.  Of course, something that produces pictures without splotchy marks on them would also be nice.

3.  Two weeks is a long time to not weed the garden.

I’m the one who’s in charge of property beautification around here so weeding is my domain.  With all the rain we’ve had, the super tiny weeds I left behind grew beyond belief.  After my run this morning, I filled up a wheel barrow with weeds as big as a foot high just doing the front garden.  I’ll tackle the side and back garden tomorrow if it’s not raining out.

4.  I can do things.

If nothing else, I’ve learned from this trip that I can do things.  I’m not a great driver and I’m naturally terrible at directions but taking my time and using maps I managed to drive over 5000 km and see beautiful places and things in four different provinces.  I did get turned around a few times but I simply pulled over, asked for directions and got back on track.  Now that I’ve faced my irrational fear of getting hopelessly lost and learned how not to get in a panic attack (or at least how to manage one so that it didn’t get the better of me) I feel that I can do almost anything.  I don’t have to hold back any more.  I can acknowledge my weaknesses, find ways to compensate for them and I can accomplish things.