There are some people whose idea of a dream vacation is to sit on a beach or curl up in a Muskoka chair (or something more comfortable) with a good book.  I’m not one of those people.  I like to go, see and do.  Yesterday was a sitting around kind of day.  It was pouring rain which made it hard to come up with much else to do.  I still managed to get in a walk and do some browsing.  After all, I do have an umbrella now.

Today the weather was much better.  The sun broke through the clouds and it actually got warm out. (Imagine that in July!)  I wanted to be on the go again.  My parents’ home is about a five minute drive from Presqu’ile Provincial Park.  It’s a place I visited often as a child and revisited today three times.  The first visit was a solo one to do some trails.  The marsh boardwalk, which had been closed for years, reopened this year thanks to some dedicated volunteers who rebuilt it (my dad was one of them!) and I was eager to get on it and some of the other trails the park had to offer.  There’s nothing I like more than a walk in the woods.  The mosquitoes were fierce so I actually jogged one of the trails.  It was nice to go alone.  No one to say, “How much farther?” or “Why do you have to take so many pictures?”  I could linger as long as I liked or run as fast as I wanted to if I wanted to.  Freedom!  I loved it!

The second visit was one with the boys.  The afternoon actually was a little bit hot.  I thought the boys might enjoy a visit to the beach at Presqu’ile.  It was windy and I knew the waves at the beach would be pretty good.  I used to love running into the water and diving over the waves.  D and P did the exact same thing.  Then they did the same things they’ve been doing since the very first time I brought them to a beach.  They dug holes for a while and then turned their attention to tormenting sea gulls.  It made me laugh.

The third visit to the park was with my dad.  I noticed that there was a guided “deer walk” at 7 p.m. and thought it would be something I could get into.  My dad thought the same thing.  We actually saw two deer on the walk and I learned a new word: crepuscular.  I’m not sure if that’s how it’s spelled but that’s how it sounds.  It’s the word for animals that eat at dusk and dawn.  They’re not nocturnal or diurnal, they’re crepuscular.  I also learned that mice eat fallen antlers.  Guess that explains why I’ve never found any.  Those hungry mice get to ’em way before I do.

It was nice to have such a great time so close to my old home.  Just goes to show you that you don’t have to go very far to have a good time.