Anyone who’s spent any amount of time around children knows that teachable moments can happen at any time.  Kids are naturally curious and aren’t afraid to ask questions.  Why are the sand around here so red anyway?  How come every place on this island sells Anne stuff?  Some questions are easier to answer than others.  Today, while we were en route to Charlottetown, D realized that it was Sunday.  “Won’t God be angry that we’re not in church?”, he wondered.  Good question.  My answer was along the lines that I thought God was more interested in what was going on people’s hearts than where there bodies were on any particular day of the week.  Of course, what is going on in the heart can determine where are bodies are and what they’re doing.  We talked a little on the topic and then the boys moved on to other things.  I continued to think about the question though the whole time we were driving to P.E.I.’s capital and then again when we went to the southernmost point of the island to view an operational lighthouse.  If what God was really interested in was church attendance, I think Jesus would have went up to the Pharisees and patted them on their backs with the words, “Well done, guys.  You’re on the right track.”  He didn’t.  Their bodies wore the right clothes, they mouthed the right words and they showed up at the right place on the Sabbath but Jesus saw much deeper than that.  He saw their motivation.  They weren’t “going to church” to seek God, worship him or discern his will.  They were there for personal reasons.  It was good at the time for their social standing in the community, a way to power and positively affected their finances.  Their hearts were far from God even though their “church attendance” was impeccable.  I guess this made me think that the better question was “Would God be angry with what was going on in my heart?”  This trip is about having a vacation but more than that too.  It’s about spending quality and quantity time with my boys while they’re still interested in hanging with mom.  My position is transitioning from one of authority to one of influence as they age.  Talks like the one we had today are good ones.  I am glad my boys ask the sort of things they do and that we can consider what the word of God has to say together.  I don`t think God would be angry with that.  I imagine him smiling at such teachable times being bought up.

On a less heady note, the wharf in Charlottetown was nice.  We saw Province House where Canada was forged and some other architecturally beautiful buildings.  The highlight was a man made small pool with lobsters, clams, starfish, snails and fish in it that you could touch.  At first, the boys said “No thank you,” but then some older boys came along and happily stuck their hands in and pulled out the various inhabitants swimming therein.  D and P didn’t want to look like wusses I guess because after that they too started grabbing things with gusto as if it was no big deal.  It kind of made me laugh but I was thankful for those older boys.  Their courage inspired my guys to do something I don’t  think they’ll forget for a while.

The lighthouse tour was equally good.  I went a bit snap happy with the camera which had the boys sighing a bit but overall they cooperated with me quite nicely.  That was about it they could handle.  It’s finally hot and muggy here and they were eager to get back and do some swimming.  I cooperated nicely with them and drove them back without stopping to visit anything else.  I think God would be happy with that too.