We drove over confederation bridge yesterday morning.  Before getting there, I told the boys about it, how this bridge was an engineering wonder built in their life time.  Still, they weren’t at all prepared when we got to it.  It was quite an experience to drive over such a L-O-N-G bridge above so much water.

We really didn’t have a plan coming into P.E.I.  D looked in the CAA Camp book and found that there were a lot of family style campgrounds near Cavendish so that’s where we headed and that’s where we’re camped.  This area though doesn’t hold much appeal to us as it’s the stomping grounds of Anne of Green Gable lovers.  I had tried a few years ago to get D and P to watch the movie version of Anne of Green Gables.  They quickly proclaimed it the most boring movie ever and moved on to other things.  Needless to say, they have absolutely NO INTEREST whatsoever to visit anything that has to do with this all-Canadian character.

What did interest them was a tour of a haunted house and a visit to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.  Normally we find haunted houses a bit corny but this one had a few spots that genuinely made us jump.  It also had a really cool vortex to walk through.  Like the other visitors there that day, we went through it a number of times; it was that freaky.  It was good to have some laughs there to break up the driving.

I think the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum is the first place where the boys read practically everything there was to read.  They were very interested in Ripley the man and his unique job.  There were some really cool blurbs about the collections housed there and I think the boys are going to do some more research on-line about Ripley.  Apparently, he had a television show at one time which has both D and P wanting to check it out.  That particular museum made for good conversation over hotdogs around the campfire that night.

Today we’re off to check out the North Coast and possibly some bottle houses, a lighthouse or two and an aquarium.  The weather is a bit overcast and there is rain in the forecast so we’ll continue to play it by ear.  So far, I’m liking Prince Edward Island.  I can definitely feel the appeal of this part of Canada.  I am marvelling at the red sand, the beautiful farms and the picturesque homes.  Funny, but all that seems a bit lost on the boys.  Guess it’s like the Anne of Green Gables thing.