Most people come to Prince Edward Island to see its famous red sand and after today I can see why.  Red cliffs jutting into blue-grey bays topped with all the verdent greens of summer are quite the feast for the eyes.  We did part of the North Cape Coastal Drive today and had a chance to walk on red beaches and see fantastic scenery.  The boys might tell you a bit of a different story though.  They found the beaches super stinky and not nearly as enjoyable as I did.  They might also tell you about how I lost my only van key on a beach.  My hands were full of shells and rocks and camera so I tried to put my key in my jean pocket.  I couldn’t shove it down very far and I guess when I bent over to pick up even more shells the key simply fell out without me noticing.  It’s a good thing we were the only ones on that particular beach.  It was easy to find my footprints and literally retrace my steps.  Thankfully I found the key.  It was low tide and I was silently wondering what I would do if I couldn’t find it and the tide came in.  Silly me for crossing bridges before I came to them.

One of the more interesting things we stopped to visit on our drive were the bottle houses at Cap-Egmont.  There’s a chapel, a six-gabled house and a tavern built out of thousands of bottles.  The structures were set in some beautiful gardens and were quite something to see inside and out.  Unfortunately we were visiting them on an overcast day.  I bet they’d be quite dazzling with the sun shining though all that glass.

We also saw a wind test site.  I really wanted to get an impressive picture of all those “wind mills” but it seemed no matter how far we went down the trail I just couldn’t get the right angle.  Oh well!  It was still pretty cool!

All that driving and walking didn’t take anything out of D and P.  We got back to the campsite and they swam, jumped on the giant air pillow and played volleyball.  Oh for that kind of energy!