Yesterday was a fun day.  We headed out in the morning back to Hopewell Rocks to take advantage of the “two days for one price” deal.  We’re happy we did.  We discovered that there was a part of the “trail” that we missed the day before.  I got some pictures that I like and P found what we think is a fossil.

Since we had explored the ocean floor the day before, we didn’t stay too long there.  Just long enough to make it fun for everyone.  Then we headed out to Magnetic Hill.  For such a big tourist attraction, it really didn’t have a lot of signs pointing it out. We still managed to find it and were completely fooled by it.  You drive to the bottom of a hill, put your car in neutral and coast uphill.  It’s apparently an optical illusion but we all thought it was a pretty convincing one.  D and P talked about it for quite a while wondering how it worked.

From there, it was off to an ice cream shack.  The boys had triple scoop ice cream cones and licked to their heart’s content their favourite flavours.  I was good and skipped out on all that fat.  It was enough fun for me to watch them enjoying their treat.

A short drive later found us at Crystal Palace Amusement Park.  This was purely for the boys and they loved it.  It wasn’t very busy so there was almost no wait time for the rides.  They loved the lazer tag, bumper cars and roller coaster the best.  I didn’t buy myself a bracelet.  Instead I did what I like best – followed them around and snapped photos of their happy faces.  They had a blast.  Time passed very quickly there.

We still made it back to the campground in time to end the day with a fire.  That’s something D and P will never tire of I think.

This morning, I am up early.  We have to be packed up and out of here by 11:00.  Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem but today it’s raining.  Camping is a great low-cost accommadation option.  It has a lot of plusses.  The boys love it.  We can get our tent set up in about five minutes.  It’s pretty spacious and so far we’ve slept not too badly.  The trouble with tenting is that it is no fun at all to take down in the rain.  I’m waiting and hoping that it clears up a bit before we have to clear out but the sky isn’t looking too promising.  I’m also hoping against hope that we’ll drive to P.E.I. and find blue skies and warm weather there.  It’s also no fun at all to set up in the rain.