In my opinion, today was the best day yet of our road trip.  We headed out at a good time for Hopewell Rocks and got there before the crowds did.  It was the amazing experience I thought it would be (and I’ve been thinking about it for a few years now!). The towering flower pot rock formations sculpted by the tides had the boys and I in awe.  We explored to our hearts content with me snapping pics the whole time.  Our admission price is good for two days so we’re planning on returning tomorrow for another venture on the ocean floor.  P really, really, REALLY wanted to find a fossil.  I tried to scour the beach with him but it was hard to stop staring at the wonders all around me and wanting to capture them with my digital camera.  He didn’t find one today but maybe tomorrow’s search will be more successful.

After several hours of walking at the Rocks I hauled the boys a little further down the road for a visit to Fundy National Park.  They only had stamina for one hike and a visit to the beach but what a hike we picked.  We descended into a gorge and ended up at a spectacular waterfall.  That was well worth the price of admission.  I would have loved to have done some more hiking.  I can’t get enough of walking in the woods.  The boys don’t share my appetite for it though.  They were getting tired and dragging themselves along.  To their credit, they weren’t complaining but I could tell that morale was waning.

A few tourist stops and a trip back to the campsite revived them.  They spied a giant game of chess that they hadn’t seen before and immediately took off to play a game.  That was followed by a family swim and finally a late dinner.  It’s been such a pleasure sharing these memorable moments with them.  I love their enthusiasm for seeing and exploring and the laughter they bring along the way.  I only wish that I could post their happy faces in these gorgeous surroundings.  Alas!  I forgot to bring the cord that connects the camera to the lap top and without that I can’t upload pics.  I have pics though and can hardly wait to view them on screen and show them off.  New Brunswick really is a beautiful province and D and P really are great travelling companions.