New Brunswick has a decidedly different feel than either Ontario or Quebec.  We’re used to highways dotted with green and blue signs pointing the direction to this town or that attraction.  There was very little of that in this maritime province.  We’re also used to service centres just off the highway every eighty clicks or so.  Heaven help you if you urgently have to go in New Brunswick.  Not even one McDonald’s spotted from the major roadway we were on.  As far as the eye could see, there were forest clad gently rolling hills with the occasional rocky outcrop to break up the  monotony.  For a long stretch, we were the only vehicle to be seen on the highway.  We’re not used to that.  Even P noticed and said, “Where are all the people here?”

We didn’t do as much driving yesterday.  I was getting sick of the rain and just wanted to stop and let whatever storm we were keeping pace with pass us by.  We found an alright campground and set up the tent even though there was an extreme weather watch in effect.  The sky at that point didn’t look too threatening to us.  Even the campground was eerily quiet.  We explored along the waterfront of Grand Lake which just happens to be New Brunswick’s largest lake.  I was having a great time taking pictures of the boys when the wind suddenly picked up and in blew a little squall.  We quickly headed back to the tent but not quite quickly enough.  We got wet.  I happened to glance up while scurrying back and saw an amazing fully arched double rainbow.  I tried to hurriedly capture it on film.  The squall didn’t last long and neither did the rainbow.  The rest of the evening was very pleasant.  The boys got another roaring fire lit and we enjoyed ourselves immensely relaxing around it trying to make perfectly browned marshmallows for smores.

Today we’re in Moncton at yet another campground.  We hope to visit Hopewell Cape at high tide tonight and walk on the ocean floor at low tide tomorrow morning.  There are some things to see and do here that interest the guys so we’re staying put for a few days.  They are loving camping and are eager to explore every new place we find ourselves.  The driving and navigating is going amazingly well and I’m excited about checking things out around this corner of Canada.