We can now say, “Been there, done that” when people talk about visiting the old part of Quebec City.  We arrived early in the day and got a good parking spot.  It was nice to start our foot tour before all the other tourists got there.  I think what the boys will remember most about Quebec City is the bells.  Once they started, they never seemed to stop!  The boys were walking around with their hands over their ears hoping to find the bellringer so that they could give him some money to just take a break.  They’ll also remember all the horse-drawn wagons (there are a lot of them!).  D and P weren’t interested in riding in one though because they smelled so bad.  They noted with interest the poop bags hooked up to the rear end of the horses and wondered aloud who got the glamourous job of emptying those out.  I could have walked around Quebec City all day.  I love to walk and my legs are strong because I do a lot of it.  The boys are more into biking and after hours on foot were pooped.  They could only look at so many doors (I kept pointing out all the lovely old doors painted in every shade of the rainbow and trying to get them to do something in front of them so that I could take pictures of them with those beautiful doors in the background.).  They were eager to get on to camping.

D found us a great campground in Quebec.  It had tennis courts, an outdoor swimming pool, even mini golf all for a very low price.  Their tiredness left them and off they went to explore and play.  We finished the evening with a fire and hot dog roast.  I’m happy to say that the boys have not inherited my fire-making skills.  They got a good blaze going in no time at all and kept it going despite some drizzle.  Amazingly, we all slept like logs. 

We’re now at the Welcome Centre in New Brunswick checking out all that this province has to offer.  Looks like we’re in for some fun times ahead.