Driving.  Driving.  And more driving.  That’s yesterday’s story.  The weather was so poor, we didn’t feel like stopping to picnic, camp or do anything outdoors.  May as well drive.  So here we are just outside of Quebec City at a cheap motel about to venture into a place that has 400 years of history.

The most interesting thing about the drive yesterday was the strange weather.  Sometime after Montreal, the sky was charcoal grey but yet the road was strangely illuminated and there were spirals of mist coming up out of the forest.  It was both creepy and awe-inspiring.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It didn’t last long.  A few minutes later and the clouds burst and spewed forth their contents on us relentlessly for hours.  That ruled out all thought of camping out for the night.

Today, the weather is looking more favourable.   I’m looking forward to seeing more things I’ve never seen before and maybe even getting some pics.  The boys are doing fantastically.  Gone are the days of constant back seat bickering.  They happily entertained themselves with the lap top, movies and stories on CD.  Technology is a good thing after all.