What’s left is to go.  Out east that is.

It’s been an idea in my head for a while.  A road trip that is.  When I mentioned it to the boys, they were gung ho about it.  So we’ve been quietly planning it.  Getting some maps, a trip tik, some camping info, snacks, lots of snacks and some techno stuff.  I don’t know how far we’ll get each day.  I’m not a particularly gifted driver or navigator.  We’ll go as far as we can and then look for a place to hunker down until the next day.  We hope to arrive at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick and walk on the ocean floor.  Another desire is to drive over Confederation Bridge and see the red sand in P.E.I.  The trip will mostly be dictated by feelings.  What do we want to do today?  The pace will be relaxed and unstressed.  That’s the plan anyways.  I’ve never done anything like this so either it will be great or I’ll have a major anxiety attack and have to go on meds.  I’m rooting for “it will be great”.

The boys are taking the lap top along so that I can blog and download pictures on route.  That’s what they told me anyways.  That sounds a lot better than “we want to surf the internet and play games on this trip”.  I don’t know if they’ll get the thing working the way they think they will.  If they do, you might see some great pics on this blog.  I’m taking the digital camera with me and I’ll be snap happy if I’m not dead dog tired from driving.

Stay tuned.  The “go” part of the statement happens tomorrow morning.