Give blood.  Run errands.  Pick up inserts.  Check chrysallis.

I had to put that last item on my “to do” list because yesterday evening I noticed that Danaus’ chrysallis had changed from emerald green to more clear.  I could see her butterfly wings showing through.

By the time I got to the “check chrysallis” item on my list Danaus had already emerged and was almost ready for flight.  She opened her wings for me and there were no spots.  She’s a girl alright.  I think I’ll have to dig out a magnifying glass the next time I get to the pupa stage with a monarch caterpillar.  I could not see that indentation with the naked eye that was supposed to be an indication of a female inside.

I didn’t have much time for pics.  DA wanted to get her out of the house before she started fluttering around.

Here she is on his hand:


And this our girl before she took off from our deck:


Happy flying Danaus!