I saw a beautiful Swallowtail butterfly and took pictures of it.  The end.

No.  There’s a little bit more to the story.  I just happened to be wearing my Sunday best (skirt, blouse, coordinating earrings, necklace and shoes, even an attempt at a hairstyle) when I spotted this winged jewel.  I had my camera in hand so I thought I’d try to capture its beauty in a picture.  Trouble is this particular butterfly seemed a little camera shy.  It fluttered crazily all over the place and I followed it just as crazily right onto someone else’s yard.  It seemed to want to sit kind of low on this person’s bushes so I got lower.  Think hands and knees low here.  It had a hard time deciding which bush it wanted to perch low on so I followed it around on hands and knees in my Sunday best on someone else’s front yard trying to get in position to photograph it.

Just then, D and P happened to bike by.

“Mom, WHAT are you doing?”

“SHHHH…I’m trying to get a picture of this butterfly.”

Watch two boys look at each other like their mother has lost her marbles and then watch them bicycle away as if they don’t know the crazy skirted lady crawling around on who knows who’s front yard.

There’s a three part happy ending to this story.  I got a couple pictures I like of this particular Swallowtail.  I didn’t soil my skirt or my blouse.  And the people who owned the yard didn’t come out with sawed off shot guns saying, “What in blazes are you doin’ crawlin’ around my spirea bushes?”  They probably just watched from the window hoping the amazingly well dressed lady would quietly crawl away into someone else’s yard.