It’s great having the boys home again after their first year back at school but I’m finding that I have to get used to the new noise level again.  Boys don’t walk down the stairs.  They charge like a herd of elephants.  They don’t quietly “fight”.  Tempers flare and things get loud and action packed until they both start laughing (usually!).  They want to shoot things and blow up things and watch things that have shooting and things blowing up in them.  It’s all too much for this mama who loves peace and quiet sometimes.  The solution is to get away for short breaks.  That’s another way of saying going for a walk.  It’s then that I can think and plan and calm my agitated nerves.

Saturday’s time away took me to the Mariposa Butterfly Festival followed by some time at Grant’s Woods Conservancy.  Of course, I brought my digital camera.  That little piece of technology doesn’t charge like a herd of elephants or break out into raucous wrestlemania.  It quietly stays in my hand until I want it and then does its best to do my bidding.  Refreshing!

The butterfly festival was geared toward younger children mostly.  I didn’t mind that except that I didn’t have any children, young or old, with me.  Grant’s Woods Conservancy was more to my liking.  No one was there probably because of the big signs up saying that bears had been spotted in the area recently.  I lingered a little.  Just long enough to regroup and get some pics of serenity to go back to when Ultimate Fighting starts for real in the house.



The old car is parked in Grant’s Woods.  Even though it’s not a natural part of the scenery, I love it and couldn’t help going snap-happy on it.  I was even more excited to figure out how to make a collage out of the pictures.  It’s not a great collage but now that I’ve fiddled with the idea, I think I’ll try making collages more often.

Well, the fighting begins again for the umpteenth time today and so has the opening and closing of doors.  (It wouldn’t be a bad idea to put a revolving door on this place.) The natives are bored because mean ol’ mom has banned them from technology for a spell and boredom usually translates into war of some sorts.  That’s life with boys.