One of the things I love about summer is that it’s such a colourful time of year.  The birds.  The butterflies.  The flowers.  Even the insects.  They’re just bursting with reds, blues, yellows and purples.  Such a contrast to the drab hues of winter.  I’m a big fan of colour and am happy to incorporate it in my home.

The living room got a small dose of yellow.



There’s nothing like fresh flowers to perk up a room and it’s even better when those flowers come from clippings out back and cost zero dollars.

Our bedroom got a hit of bright pink.



These peonies would have just flopped over in the garden.  By snipping some of them and taking them indoors I can enjoy this vivid shade inside and out.  It probably took me less than ten minutes to put both of these arrangements together.  Such a simple exercise to put a smile on my face.