Most of the time I think that D and I are very different but if I really think about it I know that we are somewhat alike; we just manifest our likenesses differently.

We both like to create.  I arrange flowers and paint furniture and hang pictures.  He makes guns out of lego and rockets out of bottles and ballistic gel out of gelatin powder.

We both like to take stuff that isn’t working for us and tweak it so that it does.  I spray paint frames to match my decor.  He spray paints his guns and gun attachments to make them look more convincing.

We both like to take pictures and post them.  I like to snap all sorts of things and put my best work on Facebook and this blog.  He likes to make videos of his latest experiments and put them on YouTube.  On occasion, he wants to be in the pictures and he knows exactly how he wants to look.  It’s then that I’m commanded to do his bidding.  Today I said “yes” to the world dictator wannabe and came up with this series of pics which I must say I kind of like despite their leaning towards violence.