D.  That’s him standing in front of a neat line of golden helmet motorbikes looking his usual cool and confident self.


I just had to take a pic of those neatly lined up bikes because…well…I like things neatly lined up.

D doesn’t really care if things are neat or lined up.  He’s perfectly happy to live in chaos.  It’s one of the things we butt heads on.  Maybe it’s because we are so different that I was happy to let him take pictures at the Orillia Air Show yesterday.  I hope to find common ground with this one.  Something we can have fun with without butting heads.

I really wanted pictures of the Snowbirds.  It’s not often that they give a performance in a little city like Orillia.  I knew my camera wasn’t up to the task though.  It just doesn’t seem designed to take distant shots or pics of things moving twice the speed of sound.  On top of that, it seems to have a permanently smudged lens where the smudges show up really well when you try to take shots of sky or water.  I wasn’t very hopeful for amazing shots so it was good D was the one doing the shooting.  His enthusiasm more than made up for the shortfalls of my camera.  And he did get some decent shots all things considered.