It’s Father’s Day so this past week I’ve turned my artistic side to making cards for two very important people.  I’m not sure my dad will get his on time.  Sorry dad!  This will let you know what’s coming.


My dad loves trees.  I think that must be where I get it from.  I think the big tree on this card represents my father and the little tree is me.  I’m a lot like my dad I think.


That’s the general inside message in the best printing I could muster.  Of course, I wrote more just for my dad.

DA was quite happy to let me make a card for his dad.  He knows I like doing stuff like that and he likes how my cards turn out.


DA is a lot like his dad.  The two of them love, love, love planes.  My version of a plane isn’t scale model correct but it is fun.  That’s the whole family smiling out of the windows.  This is what you see when you pull the tab by the “dented” tail of the plane:


DA liked that part.  Hopefully his dad will too.

And here’s the general message inside.


DA will have to personalize it with a message of his own for his father.

Happy Father’s Day!