P:  What?  All the boys are doing it.

That was the line that met me when I showed up at the school fundraiser for leukemia. (There’s a grade five student in the school who has been diagnosed with the disease.)  Does anything good ever follow a statement like that?  Here’s what I saw:


That’s my boy wearing hot pink nail polish and a cutesy heart tattoo.  I couldn’t help but wonder if all the boys were over at those tables because they just happened to be manned by the girls.

D wasn’t one to be left out.


I drove him there early so that he could help run one of the games.  By the time I got there it was hard to tell that he was in charge of a game.  It looked like he was wandering the grounds with his friends and getting his nails done.  They were allowed breaks he told me.

P biked over after school so that he could hang out with his friends.  I didn’t feel like being there for hours so I showed my support later in the evening.  What can I say?  Let them out of your sight for a couple of hours and insanity begins…