Once a year, there is “BIG garbage day” in our neck of the woods.  This is the time to haul out all the junk that won’t fit easily into the one garbage bag per week that we are allowed.  It’s also the time where scavengers (like myself!) drive the long way around many neighbourhoods to see if anyone has put any good stuff out (like a long wooden dresser that’s a little beat up but would look great with a fresh coat of paint, some distressing and some new hardware.  Can you tell what I was looking for?)  Unfortunately what was out there the most was not wooden furniture.  No.  What I found a lot of was office chairs and busted upright vacuum cleaners.  Big sigh.

On a happier note we did have an amazing score this year – a ping pong table!  Do we have room for a ping pong table?  Well…I’m working on that.  Can we put this ping pong table together?  Well…I’m working on that too.  (By the way, you know you have a good score when your youngest son (who is normally mortally embarrassed that his mother picks through other people’s garbage) volunteers to help you get something as big and awkward as a ping pong table into the back of the van in broad daylight where (heaven forbid!) one of his friends might possibly see him picking up someone else’s junk with his mother.)

The other thing I picked up was this:


What is it?  I don’t really know.  What I did know was what I wanted to make it into.  I stripped it of its faded flowers and ribbon, gave it a good hosing off, spray painted it black and voila, I now have this:


O.K.  If it’s not obvious what I have, it’s a jewellery holder for all those clunky pieces of jewellery I have that don’t fit nicely in my smallish jewellery box.  It’s not actually sitting on a towel with a towel draped over my laundry basket as a backdrop.  No.  It’s occupying a corner of my bathtub in the ensuite bathroom.  One day it will go on a really cool painted and distressed dresser with snazzy new hardware.  That long wooden dresser didn’t come out of hiding this BIG garbage day but I know it’s out there somewhere and I know I’m the scavenger to find it and transform it.