I was thinking of writing a “before and after” post today but then P came home from school sporting some new hardware.  Some time ago, he wrote an essay to complete the D.A.R.E. program his class participated in.  It turns out that his writing assignment was chosen one of the three best in his class and as such was entitled to a medal.  He had no idea about this.  Today, sixth graders from all over Simcoe County gathered at the Orillia Opera House for the D.A.R.E. closing program and to his surprise he saw his name in the program as a winner and was called  forward to receive a medal.


He was pretty excited to show it to me and quickly gave me permission to put it on the blog.  Writing is not a subject P enjoys very much so this award was a big deal to him.  As the proofreader and critique of writing assignments in this home, it’s a pretty big deal to me too.