One of the photography categories for the Bracebridge Fall Fair is “favourite pet”.  Since we don’t have any pets, I thought I’d try capturing on film someone else’s pet.  I have a friend who has two dogs that she loves dearly.  One is so old that she can hardly move.  She was easy to photograph but not terribly exciting.  My friend’s newest dog is still a puppy and has all the liveliness of one.  This dog was pure energy and was tough for my slow camera.  She kept trying to nip at the cord that was hanging from it.  If I crouched she’d barrel towards me and jump right on me without hesitation.  I did get a few good shots miraculously.

While there, I also took shots of my friend’s almost four year old son.  He was such a delight.  It was obvious that he liked that I was pointing the camera in his direction and went all out to play it up for the photo shoot.  I remember when my own sons were like this.  I wish I would have had my digital camera at that point.  This lad would pull funny faces, ask me to take a picture of him and then run around to see what the picture looked like.  I got lots of natural pics of him hamming it up, trying to play with his new puppy and sitting beside his old dog and petting her tenderly.  It was fun.  I was pleased with the results and even went so far as to create web albums that could be e-mailed to my friend.  (It remains to be seen if that worked or not.)

This is something I will have to do more often.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope my friend and her son are blessed by the captured memories.

P.S.  I’m so tempted to publish some of my shots on the blog but I don’t think I should do that without permission.  Not everyone is as willing as I am to flaunt their kiddos.