First of all, here is the photo I tried to draw some time ago, or at least the part of it I tried to capture.


It’s such a good picture of DA.  I just had to show it.

Here’s my next entry for the fair.  It’s for the wildlife category.


I really enjoyed sketching this zebra.  It’s so much fun to work with marker!  This is the first time I’ve combined marker and pencil crayon to create something.  I liked how the zebra turned out but found the picture was sort of boring on a white background so I risked cutting out my work of art and putting him against a coloured background.  Good call I think.

Now I need to paint that mat white and the frame black.  One of the rules for art entries is that they have to be mounted against something solid and they have to hang by wire.  I have some old frames that I’m going to try and repurpose for my entries but I think they’ll need some creative reworking to make them go with the art they’ll be holding and that means I’ll get to try my hand at spraypainting some more.  Wish me luck!