My next door neighbour is on the planning committee for the Bracebridge Fall Fair.  As such, I’m sure it’s her duty to try and promote it as much as possible.  She sees me outside all the time with my handy dandy digital camera and she’s made positive comments about the photos I’ve put in my Facebook albums.  Her challenge to me was to enter some of my pics in the fair.  She had a copy of the rules and regulations along with the photo categories to give to me when I went over to her place to share a box of chocolates I had just opened.

Entering a photo in a contest is on my list of 100 things I’d like to do so I think I’ll accept her challenge.  You’re allowed to enter one photo for each of the fourteen categories.  Since it’s the same price whether you enter one or all of the categories, I think I’ll try to enter fourteen photos.  This has got me looking like crazy for photo ops of things like nails and knots and waterfalls and sailboats.  Most of the categories are of things I normally don’t take pictures of so it’s something of a challenge.

On the opposite side of the page with the rules and regulations for photography were the rules and regulations and categories for art entries.  I used to do a lot of art but that stopped when I had the boys and life got hectic.  Life is slower paced now and I’m thinking that maybe I can get back into art again.  I decided that I would try to enter some artistic pieces in the fair too.  Here’s my first attempt.  It’s for the portrait category.


It’s from a photo of DA as a younger man when he starred in a film shot by his good friend.  He was in costume as a postmaster.  It’s a really good picture of him.  After I drew my rendition, I showed it to DA and he right away recognized it from the old picture.  (I had dug that picture out from one of his boxes.  He hadn’t seen it for years.)  The fact that he recognized it was a good sign.  It meant that my attempt at drawing him wasn’t horribly off.  I’m quite happy with this start.  My only wish was that I had used a heavier leaded pencil to make the dark parts darker.  I played around with the photo of my drawing to see if my wish was justified.


Yup.  I think it would have been better if I had used a real artist pencil instead of an ordinary HB.