There’s a lot to like about living out in the country.  It’s quiet out here (something I adore), it’s dark at nights (so you can stargaze and see fireflies) and there is nature all around you.  I got up close to this Canadian Tiger Swallowtail butterfly yesterday.


The bad thing about living in the boonies is that you’re farther away from everything.  No more walking to the grocery store, library and sports centre like I used to.  I now have to drive a lot more and a lot farther for just about everything.

The ugly thing about rural living is a backed up septic system.  Yup.  Seems like that’s where we’re at today.  Lest you think I exagerate when I say ugly, think inches of poopy water in the shower and stinky water flowing down the air vents and  into the furnace room.  It’s really gross.