This is the before picture of our deck out back:


It was pretty shabby and not very chic.  I love this deck because it’s right off the kitchen and a great place to sit, especially in the afternoon.   Since various parts of it are starting to rot, I thought some paint might help to preserve it a little longer.   DA did not want it white again so I chose what looked like a tan colour.  Well…it looked tan in the store and in the paint can.  It looks a little different out in the wild on my deck.  Still, I’m liking it.  Here, you be the judge…


This was our first alfresco meal on the freshly painted surface.


DA hauled the outdoor furniture I painted last year down from the mezzanine in the garage  so the boys and I ate in style yesterday.  I put the candle thing on the little table because there aren’t any fresh wildflowers to pick and the little table looked a little sad all unadorned.  In reality we all ate with our feet stretched out on it.

Next I want to haul up the old dining room table and chairs and put them in the other corner of the deck.  It’s not really outdoor furniture so I’ll have to find a way to protect it from inclement weather but I think it will make dining outdoors a truly snazzy affair.  My line of thinking goes something like this:  If you’re going to eat outside you may as well go all the way and make it a Better Homes and Garden gig.  I can see myself bringing out the pretty tea things and silverware and putting together glorious flower and napkin displays if I can get that silly table apart and up from the basement out to the deck.  I’ll take some pics of it if I actually accomplish it but of course, you already knew that!