runner200I haven’t written about it for a while but the running is still happening regularly.  Today I did three five minute and twenty second runs with forty-five second walks in between and tagged on a two minute run to finish up.  That works out to be eighteen minutes of running and only two minutes and fifteen seconds of walking.  I’m really noticing that my breathing comes back to regular pace MUCH more quickly than when I first started.  Each day I go out I’m pushing myself just a little bit more and I think it won’t be long before I can just run 20 minutes straight.  That’s my goal.  Not only am I noticing a change in my heart rate but also in the distance I am covering; I go farther each time.

This is quite exciting for me.  Growing up, I was academic and artistic but never athletic.  I shied away from sports because even trying my very hardest the best I could be was average.   I doubt that I will ever be an amazing runner but I’m content (even enthusiastic!) to be a runner.  I’m working hard and actually becoming something I’ve wanted to be for a long time.  This is great!  I AM a runner!