Happiness is…finding a way to make everyone happy.

I have a photo album for each of my boys.  All of their lives I’ve enjoyed them and photographed them.  When they were little they happily obliged me, posing sweetly then crazily for the camera.  Now that they are on the verge of manhood, having pictures taken isn’t high on their priority list.  There are friends to hang with, TV shows to watch, video games to conquer and experiments to be conducted.  Nowadays, they groan, duck, run and flail arms when I point my digital camera at them.  That’s a problem for me; I really want pictures of this transitional time in their lives.  What they tell me they really want is a way to make money.  Growing boys want to eat and not always the things mom prepares for them.  They want spending moulah for the corner store, a place to meet up with friends and satisfy their growing appetites for junk food.  Beyond that, they also aspire to save up for more electronics.  Can’t ever have enough technology when you’re a growing boy.  I felt quite brilliant coming up with a plan for all of us to get what we want.  I would pay the boys for a photo shoot time.  The boys fell for it.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  We spent some happy time together, me directing and taking pics, them cooperating and earning money.