Our amazing bed is amazingly high off the ground.  That means that there is an amazing amount of space under the bed if you want to put stuff there.  I do.  I always have projects on the go – cards, frames, things that show potential for being repurposed – but I hate having them out when I’m not working on them.  I like rooms to look nice even if it means there is a mountain of junk waiting to be tackled concealed under the bed.  Trouble is that putting stuff under our bed didn’t put it out of sight.  While folding my tablecloth yesterday, I had an “aha moment” for how to fix that.  I cut that table cloth up and stitched and tacked and made a skirt to hide all my soon to be treasures.


Is it a thing of rare beauty?  Nope.  But I don’t want it to be the focal point of the room.  In fact I want it to sort of blend into the background.  I had a little tablecloth left over when I was finished so I stitched that up too and made a tiny topper for my make-shift table (really a flower stand with a plate on top).


I used another table cloth (one that fit my old dining room table but not my new one) underneath.  The flowers are fake and the mirror is sitting there temporarily but I’m surprised by how little effort it took to fix some problem areas in the room.   The best part is that the grand total for these projects was $2 plus tax.  I only had to buy some black thread and some tacks; the rest of the stuff I already had and just reimagined.