Every now and then I feel like I’m working really hard and making no progress.  On days like that, I have to remind myself that the work itself is a blessing and a joy even if it isn’t remunerated with money, noticed or even up to my standards.  Sometimes the best thing I can do to lift my perspective is get away from what I’m toiling away at and go for a prayer walk.

I had a perfect opportunity for that today.  While the boys perspired at ball hockey, I slipped away to a nearby park.  I love to watch my sons play but I love it even more when my attitude is what it should be and today I needed a quiet time out to get there.  I didn’t exactly go alone.  I took my trusty Sony Cyber-shot with me.  I needed to focus on the beauty around me to draw me out of the funk I found myself wallowing in.





To be honest, I was a little discouraged with my shots.  None of them captured the peaceful feel I was after.  I decided to try a little photo editing on them.  Bingo!  These shots aren’t exactly what I saw but the little enhancements sure brought out what this locale helped me experience.   If you’re having one of those days, try a walk in the park with a camera.  Worked for me.