If you would have told me this morning that I’d see a porcupine behind my house, that my son would successfully test homemade ballistics gel or that I’d be part of a sucker rescue mission, I may have believed you.  Such is life out here in the boonies.


That little black blob is a porcupine.  I like this picture.  A storm was approaching so the clouds were all dark and ominous and that poor little spiky fella looked like he was in for a ride so high up in that birch tree.


You can see him a little better in this shot but you don’t have all those neato clouds.


Here’s D with the homemade ballistics gel that was finally ready for testing.


Here’s the test.


And here are the results.  The BB’s are lodged in the ballistics gel just like the bullets were in the Mythbuster’s episode this whole experiment was based on.  I have to admit that I was skeptical when I was helping D do the conversions from imperial to metric to make this gel.  It turned out perfectly and the testing went fabulously.  He’s now planning more.


Here’s the man, the love of my life, rescuing suckers from our neighbour’s ditch where they were trapped.  The water level had dropped and a number of them were already dead.  Our neighbour stopped by and actually offered to pay the boys if they would get the rest of them over to the lake safely.  The boys didn’t hear that part and weren’t gung ho about the mission.  They’ve been catching these suckers for over a week  but now that a number of them had died the ditch was a super stinky place to be.  DA scooped and I hauled his catches over to the lake.


I don’t know how many we rescued but we were pretty smelly ourselves when we decided to call it quits.

Life in the boonies is many things but unexciting is not one of them.