I got invited to a clothing exchange yesterday and came home with a bag of “new” clothes and an idea.  At one point during the evening, the hostess was holding up a beautiful sweater that nobody wanted.  The size wasn’t right for most of the women present and for others it was the colour.  Someone blurted out that it could be made into a great pillow.  DING!  My hand shot up for it.  I could be that someone.

I didn’t make a pillow today but I took the idea and repurposed an item of clothing.  We have one of these in our dining room:


This water cooler was a great purchase.  Because of it, we all drink a lot more water.  Sure beats rooting around the back of the fridge to try and find the jug of water or to finally find it but discover that it’s empty and wasn’t refilled.  My only problem with the cooler is that those jugs are blue.  That colour just sticks out like a sore thumb in my earth coloured dining room.  You can buy covers for them at The Water Store but they’re made of cutesy cotton material with cats, dogs and fish on them.  I think looking at that would be worse than just seeing the blue jug.  So here was my idea:


I took an old sweater that  I wasn’t wanting anymore and covered up the jug.  My intent was to try and transform the sweater into a stylish jug cover but the boys saw it before they could hear what I was up to.  They found it hilarious and a bit creepy.  D said that it looked like a headless person that we made go pee from time to time.  I had thought of the headless part when I dressed the jug but I hadn’t thought of the going pee part.  After that, that was all I could think of when I saw it.  So, this morning after my run, I tried to do a transformation.  I turned the sweater inside out and handstitched and snipped and adjusted and came up with this:


The jug now has a cover that sort of goes with the room.  This was a first attempt.  There is definitely room for improvement.  I’m not entirely happy with the outcome.  The stripes kind of bug me.  Still, an idea has been born and I think I’ll keep running with it.

P.S.  To make this, I had to cut the sleeves off of the sweater.  I thought I’d save them, stitch them together and make a draft stopper out of them.  D came up, found them and had an entirely different idea.  They went on his super skinny legs like giant leg warmers and off he went hamming it up for the camera.  I wish I could post some of the shots I took of him.  They were priceless.  D quickly snatched the camera from me and deleted them all before they could be used for blackmail.  I’m still crying.