I led DA around some pretty stores last week in a last ditch effort to find bedroom lamps in Orillia.  I didn’t really expect to find any or at least not any that we could realistically afford.  To my surprise, we stumbled onto some lovely lamps that were actually a good price.  The best part was that DA and I were in total agreement on them.


There was only one in the store so we had to wait for a second one to come in.


They look pretty flanking our amazing bed.


They look nice on too.

The  moral of the story is to check out stores that look hoity toity from the outside.  You might just find what you’re looking for and it may cost you less than you expected to pay.

While I had the camera out I snapped some pics of my tulips which are on their last legs but still looking oh so nice.


Even the one that was totally exhausted looked pretty strewn out on the carpet.


I don’t know why I took all these pictures.  I haven’t been able to launch my photo editor for over a week.  I’ve been getting by but not very happily.  I don’t know why today is any different from the last number of days but without explanation the computer uploaded photos and launced Picasa 3 without any problems at all.  Oh happy day!  Gorgeous lamps, pretty flowers and a computer that does what I want it to!  That really helps to make up for the mix up in the fitness class yesterday and the flat tire today.