I got invited to a wedding shower so I tried making a towel cake for the bride-to-be.  I bought the best towels I could afford (it helped that they were marked down 50% at Sears) and then used what I had to put the cake together.


It’s sitting on a washed off grocery store tray (the kind that used to have bread and artichoke and asiago dip on it) and the tiers are held together by a dowel from a dismantled scroll that I had made one time for children’s ministry.


The crazy black and white patterned material I purchased last year when Fabricland was having their moving sale.  It was supposed to be used for curtains in the man cave.  That was when the cave had a black and white tile floor layed with love by moi-meme.  After the basement flooded, all the flooring had to come out even the one that was a labour of love.  Insurance gave me so much selection to replace that floor and none of the options were black and white.  I chose a lovely mottled beige vinyl floor so I have all this material that doesn’t match anything left for other things (like towel cakes!).  The hot pink ribbon was a mistake purchase and the yellow flowers came with a second hand purchase I found.  It’s a crazy combo but it kind of works for me.