I enjoy where I live.  I’m within walking distance to a small lake, some woodland trails and a marsh area.  Each have their own beauty and change in their own ways with the seasons.  It’s a joy to view them and consider the One who was behind them all.  Yes.  I believe there is a Creator behind all the nature that surrounds me.

I received this beautiful bowl as a birthday gift from my parents.


I know nothing of the artist or the process that went into the making of this basket bowl.  What I do know is that my parents didn’t just find it in the woods somewhere.  It’s not the result of thousands of years of mysterious cosmic manipulation.  One look at it tells me that it’s been created and that whoever created it is an artist.  It’s beautiful.

I like the Biblical account of creation in the book of Genesis.  I like how each day God made something and then “saw that it was good”.  He’s depicted as a modern day artist examining the work of his hands and deciding if it’s worthy or not.  I can relate to that.  I agree with His assessment.  Even in its fallen state, creation is good, very good.

Genesis informs us that man was made in the image of God.  Like our Creator, we have creative abilities.  Some express their creativity through art, others through music and still others through dance.  Each of those broad categories can be divided into sub-categories.  Within the world of dance, for example, are ballet, tap, break-dancing, Highland fling and a multitude of others.

The artistic expression that I am most drawn to is interior decoration.  It uses furniture, architecture, textiles, colour, texture and pattern as its means to express.  There are some very talented people out there in this art form.  I rejoice in their abilities.  Whether they realize it or not, I think that by developing the talent within them they are showing forth that they are made in God’s image.  It’s my opinion.  Nature shows forth the glory of God – His great power, His creativity and imagination, His love.  In some smaller way, we too can show forth how great our Creator is by developing those tendencies He’s put within us.


I found this room on the web yesterday and think that it is stunningly gorgeous.  This lovely sitting area in the DC Design House didn’t happen by chance.  Sally Stepankus and Heather Safferstone are the creative duo behind it.  It’s obvious to me that a lot of thought went into it.  Beauty like that doesn’t just happen.  This room was planned and carefully executed and I’m glad it was.  I don’t know who will get to enjoy it but I’m sure that it will bring enjoyment.  It already has to me and I haven’t even seen it in person.  In my humble opinion, their work is good, very good.   God is good, very good, to have given to us the minds and abilities to bring  joy to others through the works of our hands.