woman-runningDear Diary,

The route that I have chosen to start running is a quiet tree-lined road with woods on one side and a meadow on the other.  It’s quite pretty.  The other day I noticed the farmer out in the field with his tractor and today I could tell that he had been at work.  As I ran, I took in great, big mouthfuls of very stinky air.  It was like I was running in a barn.  I think I may have to choose a different route for a while.

Maybe the smelliness helped me to push myself a bit.  My first two runs were elongated to three and a half minutes each and I shortened the walk time in between to one and a half minutes.  I also managed to clock two and a half minutes for the last run.  I finally feel like I’m starting to come into my stride and it’s encouraging that I am feeling fit enough to run again with less walking in between.  I ran half a minute longer than last time I went out and I cut the in between walking by a minute and a half.  I’d call that measurable progress.