Yada Yada.  A few meaningless syllables to most people.  Two small words that will forever be associated with a group of incredible women in crazy socks to me.  I had the privilege of being involved with the Yada Yada Sisters for a season of my life.  It was one of the most difficult periods of my faith walk and I’m not sure how I would have made it to where I am today if God hadn’t brought me into contact with those special ladies.  They listened to me, prayed for me, walked alongside me as I struggled, encouraged me, cheered me on and got me to laugh again.  How can I forget all those dear gals stretched out on every square inch of my living room for a soaking session?  Or the time we racausly laughed our way through mini putt?  Then there was the time we posed wearing our outlandish socks for an ad for women’s ministries.  And I’ll never forget the night they threw a makeover party for me because I was feeling so glum about how I looked.  Of course, I also think of all the times we shared where we were really at and joined hands in a circle to pray together.  The Yada Yada Sisters made a difference in my life.

I no longer live where the Sisters do.  At least one of them reads this blog and several of them are on my Facebook account.  Still, I miss those gals.  I think they miss me too.  Today DA and I got a package in the mail.  Look at what those dear, dear women stitched for us.


I took pictures of each of the handstitched panels but my crazy computer won’t let me launch my photo editor again so you’ll just have to take my word for it that each section of this quilt is beautiful.  I will show you one that doesn’t need to be cropped or turned.


I had no idea this lovely gift was coming.  What a surprise when it arrived.  My Yada Yada Sisters, they really go the extra mile for me.