Pykrete and non-Newtonian fluid.  Those were the ideas on D’s 13 year old brain today.  While I rejoice that he is an independent learner and that he’s gung-ho about science, I don’t always get excited when he wants to make things like pykrete or non-Newtonian fluid.  He sees himself practically advancing his scientific knowledge while making something totally cool;  I cringe at the mess that I know from years of experience with this particular child is coming.

I tend to think that D is just like his father but I realized today that he’s a bit like me too.  I get an idea in my head and charge forward to carry it out too.  I’m more careful to clean up after my experiments but, like him, I like to experiment.  Today’s challenge was to paint a chamber pot.  This jug was given to me as a gift many years ago along with a basin.  It’s pretty but its colouring doesn’t suit any room in my house and has never really been to my liking.  The current mode of thinking seems to be that if you don’t like it the way it is, paint it white.  So I did.  I’m not ready to photograph it yet.  It needs touch-ups still and I want to fill it with flowers before I snap away.  For now, I’ll show you some pretty inspirational photos I pulled from the internet.




As an update, both D’s experiments are proving successful and I’ve only swept the kitchen three times so far and cleaned it twice (after I made him sweep and clean that is.  Our definitions of “clean” are still not the same but he’s obeying when I say,  “Whoa…what about the mess?”.  I see that he’s trying to accomodate me.)  As for my pot, D just came in and said, “Hey, that’s actually looking pretty good, Mom.” and didn’t even follow that up with a request for anything.  We are a little bit alike after all.