The computer is being increasingly uncooperative .  The latest frustration is that my photos will no longer upload properly.  I finally found the ones of Easter dinner that I tried in vain to find yesterday but I can’t edit them.  The program simply won’t launch.  I suspect that we have a cancerous virus of sorts creeping around inside slowly debilitating kilobyte by kilobyte until finally the computer will just go comatose and die.

So for now, I will show you cool unedited photos I have found on-line.  I really liked this one of a hanging garden.  What a neat idea if you only have a small spot to call your own.  I have no idea how you keep it alive or even how you get it started.  I just thought it was cool.  I won’t be trying one myself because I have more space than I ever have had to try gardening.  I’ve been busy every nice day expanding the gardens I started last year out about a foot and bordering them with found rocks.  This year I’m even going to get plants in them.  Imagine that – a garden with actual plants in it.  You’ll have to imagine.  I’m not quite there yet and even if I were I wouldn’t be able to show you because my silly computer is ill.