I’m passionate about embellishing.  I thoroughly enjoy trying to make just about anything pretty.  It’s not work for me.  I like doing it.  This past weekend I had fun getting our home ready for Easter dinner.  I built on the pink theme I had started earlier and liked what I saw.

When DA and I entertain, I’m typically the set up and take down part of the team and he’s the guy who does the bulk of the cooking.  It works.  We both end up doing what we like doing and what we’re good at.  I was done setting up long before our guests arrived.  I took some time to flop on the couch and surprisingly found myself at discouragement’s door.  Although I had enjoyed myself setting the table, I began to wonder if my efforts were really stupid.  Would anyone care or notice that the candles and the napkins and the flowers matched?  Would anyone care if I didn’t have candles and napkins and flowers at all?  Probably not.

As I was thinking these thoughts, DA slipped into the room.  DA understands me.  In a lot of ways we are alike.  DA has a passion too.  He’s totally into anything that has to do with airplanes.  He researches them on-line, takes out books about them from the library, builds models of them and if you’re with him when one flies overhead, you’re bound to hear all about its wingspan, engine, history, etc.  He’s smart enough to realize that most people don’t share his passion.  He totally knows what it is like to really be in to something that many people just don’t understand.  When he came into the room, he sidled up beside, put his arms around me and said, “You know, I think that’s the prettiest table you’ve ever set.”  I smiled wanly and said, “Maybe but does it really matter?  Does anyone care?”  His face registered alarm and he shot back, “I care.  I love it.”  Oh, dear, sweet man!  Only five little words but he couldn’t have spoken more to me if he had written me an essay.  Those two phrases were exactly what I needed to hear.  They weren’t uttered as  polite, obligatory words from a guest to a host.  No.  They were spoken warmly and honestly from a heart that loves his wife even if he doesn’t share her particular passion.