I love to look at interior decorating sites and blogs on-line.  It’s a colossal time waster but these days I find myself with a less than pressing schedule and so I indulge myself from time to time.  I kind of wish I would have done this earlier in life.  I can look at hundreds and hundreds of photos of beautiful rooms and maybe find one or two that really appeal to me.  That encourages me.  I don’t ever really expect to live in homes like the ones I look at.  I know that I would feel guilty spending the kind of money some people do to get the style they have.  There are needy people in the world.  I’m very aware of that and I’d get more joy out of helping them in some way than in spending all my money on pretty things.  No.  The reason I wish I would have looked at pictures earlier is that I think it would have helped me to  make wise purchases when it did come time to buying furniture and embellishments.  If I’m going to spend dough on things I want to love them forever and be able to use them wherever I might  move to.  For some people, what they love is obvious.  I don’t know myself that well yet and am just finding out.

These rooms had wow factor for me.


I’m not a big blue person but I found the blue-grey in this room paired with the pretty white pieces totally to my liking.  I like pretty things.  Don’t give me chunky or industrial.  I like delicate, more feminine things.  I also like colour.  I love how the yellow vase and the yellow in the picture on the wall subtly pop against the  more neutral surroundings.  I also love that white clock.


I have a thing for silver.  This mostly silver room dazzled me.  Again you can see all the feminine lines in the furnishings.  The only thing that I didn’t like that much were the pieces of art on the wall.  I’m not sure what I would have chosen instead but it would have been something different.


This yellow, lime and white room is one that I could embrace.  It’s less elegant furniture wise but the floral prints and soft hues make up for that.


I think that this one might just be my favourite.  As much as I like white as a balancing colour, I think I like black even more.  I love the scrolly lines in the window treatment, picture frame, planter and carpet.  I’m usually not big on  slipcovered chairs but these yellow striped ones have me wishing that I could sew.  I guess what I am discovering is that I like a mix of patterns in a room.  I don’t know how to mix and match yet but maybe looking at pictures will give me some ideas to try in the future.

I know that there are people who would look at these rooms and go “Yuck!” just like I did when I looked at some rooms on-line.  That’s O.K.  What I like isn’t what other people need to like.  I’m now realizing why I’m saying “Yuck” in some areas of my home.  Some parts are too chunky and boxy.  My picture frames especially can fall into that category.  I need to garage sale and find some curvy, interesting ones.  One of these days I will figure it all out and shop a little more discriminantly.  Until then, I will keep trying and finding out by trial and error what works and what doesn’t.