It’s hard to believe that just yesterday I went running and did some gardening outside without even so much as a jacket on.  It wasn’t balmy but it was definitely starting to feel a bit more like Spring.  I even saw some little yellow flowers poking through the brown matted down weeds in the ditch during my run.  How encouraging!

Today the world looks quite differently.  The school buses have been canceled and I am planning to stay indoors.  The weatherman has announced 25 centimetres of snow accumulation.  I think the only exercise I will be getting will be the workout of shoveling the driveway!

In the brief snippet of warmer weather yesterday, D and P were outside biking or shooting.  For once they were eager for me to capture them in photos and stated quite matter of factly that these pics could go on the blog.  So, here are my little snipers


and here is one of the spent targets they insisted I take a picture of.


Today maybe we’ll try another great springtime activity – sledding?