Pink.  It’s a colour most people either totally love or really hate.  I’m one of the few people in the middle on pink.  It’s not a colour I quickly gravitate to but sometimes when I see it in rooms I can picture myself happily living with it.


This bedroom  by someone named Suzy is very pink and very feminine and if I was single I could totally love it.


This hallway by Jonathon Adler is also very pink but its wild syle thrills me.


This pink bathroom to me is positively dreamy.


These pink flowers in this mostly brown room are the perfect accent in my humble opinion.

Yes.  I am warming up to pink.  Still, I live with one manly husband and two decidedly masculine boys so I’m not about to redo any rooms in pink.  The rooms above are gorgeous but they don’t look like the sort of places men would live in.  What I decided to do was pinkify for an occasion.  Easter is coming up and DA and I are hosting family for dinner.  I’ve made up my mind to go with pink as a theme colour for a tablescape.

I know Easter is still almost a week away but we’re in the middle of a snowstorm here and being homebound and a wee bit bored I thought I’d start the pinkifying a bit early.

I tied up my newish pink fringed napkins with some pretty floral ribbon.


I embellished the light fixture above the table with some pink berried swag and four hanging pink plastic eggs.


I made up some pretty pink posies to go in my delicate white vases.


I added some cut up pink hued scrapbooking paper to my candles.


I even used the leftovers to pretty up my water bottle in pink.


It’s a bit funny using pastel pink in an orange room but it’s only for a short time.  Am I nuts to do all this?  Maybe.  Or maybe I’m just letting myself be me.  I’m not one of those people who are happy to drink tea out of a mug.  I want mine in a pretty tea cup.  I don’t want to sit down to a boring meal.  I want to try new recipes and jazz up the table to go with.  I’m not happy to live in builder’s off white.  I love colour, lots of it.  I don’t just plop Pampers in a Dollar Store gift bag when I get invited to a baby shower, I construct a diaper cake.  I’m finally letting myself be on the outside who I am on the inside – really feminine.  So let it snow – I’m quite content to pinkify.