I got invited to a baby shower for a sister of a friend.  I haven’t been to a baby shower in probably a decade so I decided to go on-line for gift ideas.  I found this really neat idea called a diaper cake. There are a lot of how-to videos for making them but I disregarded them because I found the cakes these gals were making were too fussy for my taste.  I had my own idea of how to make one and went for it.   Here’s what I produced:

Since it’s the first one I’ve ever made, I overshot a little bit and bought too much stuff.  I couldn’t fit the baby wipes and some of the mega pack of diapers I bought into the cake so I think I will make a matching “oops” bag to contain the rest.

I simply bought a piece of poster board, cut it into three strips, each a little shorter and taped them into circles.  I then stuffed them with Pampers and other little goodies.  I think I got 57 diapers in this one.  I’ll have to remember that if I ever make another one.  I pushed a wooden dowel down through the layers to give the cake some stability and then wrapped the poster board strips with pretty ribbon and hot glue gunned on some matching bows.  The whole thing sits on one of those grocery store black plastic platters.  The yellow flowers were an after thought but I think they kind of jazz it up.  I will cellaphane the whole thing and make a matching card telling what is inside the cake for the mom-to-be.

This was an easy craft and it’s made of stuff that is useful.  It would be easy to personalize it if the baby shower had a theme to it and you could go as crazy as you wanted to on embellishing it.  (I saw one on-line that had rosettes made out of baby socks on it.)  Mine is very simple but I think that’s why I’m liking it.