My umbrella tree out front popped what looks like a pussywillow.  Just one poking through the fence begging me to take a picture of it.


And here are those tulips growing through the asphalt.  I felt a little silly taking pictures of them while delivering papers but they’re just so striking.  To think that someone planted those bulbs when there was good ground and that the fruit of that planting is still happening though the ground conditions have worsened considerably is very thought provoking.  The Word of God is likened to seed and this picture reminds me to sow while I can.  Who knows what will happen later on that could prevent the seed from ever taking root.  Hearts like ground can harden with time but seed that was sown when the ground was still soft can surprisingly still flourish even if the enemy has lain asphalt to try to prevent it.  That’s the power of the seed.