I’ve been tinkering in my living room for the last week or so.  The calendar tells me it’s Spring now and there have been days where the weather seems to agree with that.  I have had the inexplicable urge to “Spring-ify” my favourite sitting place.  Priority for me was to get all traces of red out of the room.  Silly I know but that red was somehow making the room feel like it was stuck in winter.  So I got busy, shopped the house and replaced all the things with red in them with brown or green things.  Those colours happen to be favourites of mine and ooze Springtime vibes.




I even replaced a picture on the wall since it was too “Winter-y”.


The family photo and pretty frame didn’t have enough presence for the bigness of the spot I hung them, so I taped (yes, taped) a larger frame I had around them.

The room feels right for the time of year now.

Then I did something that I’m not very prone to do.  I cleaned the windows.  I didn’t just Windex them like I normally do.  I took the bay window completely apart and gave it a good scrubbing inside and out.  The windows are designed to come apart but obviously haven’t been for a very long time.  It took a lot of grunting, groaning, pulling and interesting uses of various “tools” to get the four inner windows off.  Our living room bay window is a sunny spot (when the sun decides to show himself around here) and is a fly hangout.  They literally come by the dozens to that window to die.  Yes die!  They bask in the sun until they dry up and fall off.  DA and I aren’t sure where they come from but even if I vacuum up all the live ones by days end there are at least ten more.  They seem to spontaneously generate out of the window.  I don’t mind flies too much except that like all living creatures they poop and fly poop takes some elbow grease to get off.  Taking the inner windows off gave me the chance to really, REALLY work on getting that excrement off.  It also gave me a chance to clean in between the window panes.  I got on a roll and got the ladder out in the garden to thoroughly scrub the outside panes too.  I couldn’t stop there.  I scraped off the paint that was flaking on the sill and casing and gave the whole shebang some fresh white paint.

If you can’t do anything else in your house, please, please, PLEASE take apart your windows and really clean them, especially if it’s been a long time since they were last done.  It’s work.  It takes time.  It’s definitely worth it.  Nothing makes you want to sit down, relax and enjoy more than a view out a super clean window.

Now if only nature would cooperate with my Spring cleaning madness.  Today, I still have clean windows and that means that I can see that it’s snowing out again.  BIG SIGH.  I want to see plants pushing through the dirt.  I want to see green things.  I want to see a robin.  I want to go running without mittens and toque.  The good thing is that when winter finally takes a bow and leaves the stage, the way is clear for me to see all that I’m longing for.  Spring will come and now that my big window is spotless, I’ll be able to see it much better.