I didn’t take this picture


but I saw something like it yesterday while delivering papers.  Somebody had laid asphalt beside a restaurant but obviously didn’t take into account what was under the soil.  A row of what I think are tulips had pushed through the asphalt and were growing despite it.

It was one of those sights that reminded me of the old saying “bloom where you are planted”.  Sure conditions may not be ideal but that doesn’t mean that you can’t push through and be all that you were meant to be.  I doubt that anyone would have taken a picture of such a punie solitaraire daisy except for the fact that it was growing in the middle of a road, a most unlikely spot!  Maybe what will make your life or mine stand out is not the fact that we are so different (daisies and tulips are pretty common after all) but that we can bloom and grow in places where we really shouldn’t.  A simple picture and a simple thought but it’s helping me to think of all those less than desirable things in my life in a new way.  Changing the way I think about things – that’s a beautiful thing.